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In our house we have two main loves, eating, and reading! Hence two blogs to cover them both. The Fresh Svelte Kitchen is a collection of vegan, mostly raw recipes that we love and want to share. G's Top Shelf is an archive of our favourite children's books that grows with 4 year old G as we read more and as his book preferences change.

Beverage || Jolly Green Giant Juice

  This powerful, nutrient-dense juice is especially valuable as part of a weigh-loss program.  It provides a great source of calcium plus it packs a powerful hit of protein and with virtually no fat.  In fact, the calcium present in … Continue reading

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Health || 10 Ways to Add Green to Your Diet

10 Ways to Becoming Greener and More Nutrient Dense Add Spirulina Powder to your green juice or smoothie. Start with a ¼ teaspoon and work up to 1 to 2 tablespoons daily. Spirulina is a power-house, nutrient dense plant algae. … Continue reading

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Greens || Think MICROnutrients

‘Nutrient Density’, is the latest buzz word that is popping up everywhere, from magazine articles to products that line the health food store shelves.  It refers not to the macronutrients,( ie. protein, carbohydrate, and fat) but the micronutrients that are … Continue reading

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Health || Slimmer, Energy Charged, Healthier

How would it feel to lose weight at the end of the weekend rather than gain it? What if you not only went for a walk after work, but had the energy to then go out to a movie? What … Continue reading

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Appetizer || Chipotle Glazed Cashews

These cashews are even more delicious than roasted ones and they are still raw! Great for topping salads or just eating solo! Recipe to follow.

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Appetizer || Pesto & Sundried Tomato Cheese

This cheese is delicious! It is a soft cheese and we like to spread it on flat bread. Totally vegan and raw, you must try! Recipe to follow.

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Dessert || Chocolate Turtle Cheesecake

This dessert is divine! The filling is a creamy mixture of dark and white chocolate that melts on your tongue and the topping is a raw chocolate, caramel and pecan blend. Chocolate Turtle Cheesecake Crust: add all to the food … Continue reading

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