Beverage || Jolly Green Giant Juice


Detox in a Cup

Detox in a Cup

This powerful, nutrient-dense juice is especially valuable as part of a weigh-loss program.  It provides a great source of calcium plus it packs a powerful hit of protein and with virtually no fat.  In fact, the calcium present in kale is twice as available to the body as that in cow’s milk!

Put all of the ingredients in a juicer or you can use a bender. A Vitamix or similar blender is best. Put everything into the Vitamix blender and blend until smooth. Get a large bowl and pour all of the juice through a Nut Milk Bag or Cheese Cloth and into the bowl. Squeeze out all of the juice and the pulp will be left in the bag. The pulp is great for your compost!

Pack all the Veggies in the Blender, Squeeze out the pulp.

Pack all the Veggies in the Blender, Squeeze out the pulp.

½ bunch of kale, spines removed
½ head of romaine
2 handfuls of spinach
2 cucumbers, cut into very large chunks
2 apples – peeled if not organic
8 stalks of celery
Juice of 2 lemons
¼ t. cayenne powder (optional and will suppress appetite)
dash of salt (optional)

Serve Immediately!

We Love Green!

We Love Green!

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