Health || 10 Ways to Add Green to Your Diet

Check out the list below and see how easy it is to add green to your plate each and every day.

Check out the list below and see how easy it is to add green to your plate each and every day.

10 Ways to Becoming Greener and More Nutrient Dense

  1. Add Spirulina Powder to your green juice or smoothie. Start with a ¼ teaspoon and work up to 1 to 2 tablespoons daily. Spirulina is a power-house, nutrient dense plant algae.
  2. Drink a green juice every day – You don’t even need a juicer, a blender and a cheese cloth will work great!
  3. Add greens to your smoothie – You’ll notice the color change but it doesn’t change the taste much.
  4. Make Kale a staple.  Eat a kale salad every week – We love Orange & Sesame Kale Salad
  5. Make sprouts the largest volume of green in your salad and not merely a garnish on a sandwich. Sunflower sprouts are amazing!  They are a green that tastes like the seed—fabulous! Post on sprouting coming soon.
  6. Use collard greens, chard or romaine leaves as a wonderful alternative to bread. They can replace a bun, wrap or slice of bread. We Love Creamy Garlic Swiss Chard Wraps.
  7. Try our Wilted Spinach recipe as a bed to host a stir fry; chili, or your favorite raw main dish – Think of it in place of rice or pasta.
  8. Add whole bunches of parsley or cilantro to salads as part of the greens – Quinoa Tabouleh is a great example of this.
  9. Buy organic cucumbers and eat the skin.  The skin of a cucumber is loaded with silicon and silicon rich foods and herbs have been shown to increase bone-mineral density
  10. Add greens to your soup right at the very end when the soup is done!  Try spinach, Swiss chard, or kale. Even Cilantro is fabulous! We love it in Homemade Cilantro Lentil Soup.

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In our house we have two main loves, eating, and reading! Hence two blogs to cover them both. The Fresh Svelte Kitchen is a collection of vegan, mostly raw recipes that we love and want to share. G's Top Shelf is an archive of our favourite children's books that grows with 4 year old G as we read more and as his book preferences change.
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