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The Key to a Slimmer, Energy Charged, Healthier You is Easier than You Think!

How would it feel to lose weight at the end of the weekend rather than gain it? What if you not only went for a walk after work, but had the energy to then go out to a movie? What would it be like to not have to pop a tums in your mouth or lay down for a nap half an hour after you eat your dinner?

According to Dr. Joel Fuhrman the answer is “Nutrient Dense Raw Foods”.

“The more you eat of them, the thinner you’ll be.”(1)

The more you eat of them, the greater your energy levels become.  The more you eat of the them, the better your body will be at restoring it’s essential defenses – enzyme, mineral, and hormone systems. When you consume generous amounts of high-quality nutrient dense foods;

  • Appetite is balanced
  • You Lose weight
  • Metabolism improves
  • Cells can Regenerate
  • Prevent weight gain, hormonal imbalances and future illness.
  • You become healthy!

Practical Application: Eat Green! Make Green Foods dominant, daily. 

Start with preparing 2 of your meals Fresh and Green with Kale (like our Orange & Sesame Kale Salad), Swiss Chard, Spinach, Cabbage (maybe Cabbage & Dill Borscht), and cruciferous vegetables.  Begin your morning with a Great Green Juice* in the morning, followed by a plate of fresh cut savory fruits –like tomato, avocado and cucumber – all on a bed of Wilted Savory Spinach*, topped with Sesame Thai Dressing*!  For lunch have Creamy Garlic Swiss Chard Wraps.

Going ‘Green’ is the answer to a slimmer, energetic, healthier you! Try it! Your bikini will be glad that you did!

*Recipes coming soon!
1.)  Eat to Live, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, pg117-118




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In our house we have two main loves, eating, and reading! Hence two blogs to cover them both. The Fresh Svelte Kitchen is a collection of vegan, mostly raw recipes that we love and want to share. G's Top Shelf is an archive of our favourite children's books that grows with 4 year old G as we read more and as his book preferences change.
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