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Appetizer || Creamy Garlic Swiss Chard Wraps

I love these little wraps! So customizable and look so cute and unique. They are great with soup or flat bread and salad. So easy to make and pack for lunch. Swiss Chard is a great leaf for wraping because … Continue reading

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Dessert || Dark Chocolate Creme Pudding

This pudding is so delicious and so fast and easy! It is raw and vegan and I pretty much eat it for breakfast! You can even use the same recipe to make a raw and vegan chocolate pie filling. This … Continue reading

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Beverage || Coconut Water {Two}

There is another, and potentially cooler way to open young coconuts. After experimenting with both methods, I think I prefer this one! Garrett love it this way! Especially when building forts in the living room and playing Swiss Family Robinson! … Continue reading

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Beverage || Coconut Water

So, have you ever soon these in the fruit isle at the grocery store? They are delicious and super nutritious and you should buy them all the time! Why? For one, new research is indicating that they are a better … Continue reading

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